Native Plants in the Ozarks with Eric Fuselier

Age Group: ADULTS
November 30, 2019
Start Time: 02:00 PM
End Time: 04:00 PM

Have you ever been hiking and wondered what wildflowers you were seeing in bloom along the trail? Eric will describe where you are likely to find species of Ozark native plants and will display original photographs he has taken during his many hiking adventures in the Ozarks.

Eric Fuselier

For more than a decade, Eric Fuselier has been studying the native plants found growing wild in the Ozarks. Eric’s passion for native plants began on the trail as an avid hiker and backpacker, but eventually Eric was able to put his knowledge of native plants to use in a more professional capacity while working as an environmental scientist for a local civil engineering firm. Eric has been involved in the planning and development of several native plant gardens in northwest Arkansas, and spends much of his spare time working to enhance and restore the native plant species growing on his own property. Eric is currently serving as the president of the Ozark Chapter of the Arkansas Native Plant Society, and regularly leads native plant hikes for local groups and members of the public.

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