Fax, Copy, Print & Scan

Need to send a fax, scan a document to email, print from a computer or mobile phone, or make photocopies? The Library offers a wide variety of document delivery and duplication services for the general public. For more information and pricing for each service, find the relevant section below. The Library does not offer postal services, but a USPS collection box is located on the north side of the Library at 1209 W. Maple Ave and the closest Post Office is less than 1 mile away at the corner of Maple Ave & Holcomb St.


The Library offers fax services for patrons to send and receive documents. A charge of $1 per page will be applied to each outgoing and incoming fax transmission. The Library’s fax number is 479-750-8182.


Copy machines are located throughout the library.

  • Black/White copies: $ .15 per page.
  • Color copies: $ .50 per page. (Color copies only available at copy machine near the Reference Desk.)


There are two printing stations in the library: a small station in the Children’s area and a larger self-service station behind the Information Desk that accepts coins and bills. For print jobs over $5 or to use a credit/debit card, please go to the Reference Desk to release your prints.

  • Black/White prints: $ .15 per page.
  • Color prints: $ .50 per page.

Patrons can also print fro1m their own devices at the same rates.


The library has a free self-service scanner located behind the Information Desk. Documents can be scanned to email, USB, or sent to a smart phone.

Homebound Service

If you are unable to come to the Library, the Library will come to you!

Homebound Service is a free program that provides home delivery of library materials to those who live within the city limits of Springdale who are homebound regardless of age, income, or disability.

This includes individuals who are temporarily disabled due to illness or injury as well as those who are permanently disabled.

We also offer this service to institutions such as nursing homes, assisted living and retirement facilities, and senior centers.

Participation in the Program

You must have a valid Springdale library card (If you don’t have one yet, a homebound staff member will help you get one), live in Springdale city limits and fill out our Reader’s Profile form.  If you can’t come to the library to do this we can set up a home visit to get your information.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the Library’s Homebound Program, please contact Nathalie DeFelice, Springdale Public Library Homebound Services, at 479-750-8180.

What Can I Borrow?

The library has a huge  selection of items for you to choose from.  Each item will be tailored to your own needs and reading preferences.  Items to choose from include:

  • Large Print & Regular Print books
  • DVDs & Blu-Rays
  • Books on CD and MP3 Audiobooks
  • Music CDs
  • Magazines

When We Deliver

We deliver every four weeks and all items are checked out for a four-week period.  They can be renewed up to two times if no other patrons are waiting for them.




The Springdale Public Library has several notaries on staff who will notarize  documents at no charge. Please call 479-750-8180 to verify when a notary is available.

Notary Service Guidelines

In accordance with Arkansas state law, please be aware of the following guidelines for notary service:

  • Notaries are not licensed attorneys and cannot engage in the practice of law. They are not representatives of any governmental agency with authority over immigration or citizenship, and they cannot offer legal advice or other assistance regarding immigration.
  • All signers of a notarized document must provide an official photo ID (driver’s license, passport, student identification, consular identification, etc.)
  • Documents must be unsigned prior to notarization. Notaries must witness the act of signing and cannot accept a previously signed document.
  • All signers must be able to communicate directly with the notary in a language understood by both the notary and the signer(s).
  • Notaries cannot offer legal advice or explain the meaning of a document’s contents to the signer.



The Library provides free exam proctoring by appointment. Please see the guidelines below (available in PDF form). Call the Reference Desk at 479-750-8180 for more information and to set up an appointment.

Proctoring Guidelines

The Springdale Public Library offers proctoring services as described in these guidelines.
Appointments should be made 48 hours in advance.

  • Email requests for proctoring services should include the subject “Proctoring” and be sent to: proctoring@springdalelibrary.org
  • All proctors are professional librarians. Specific proctors are not assigned.
  • Proctors cannot sign a proctoring statement attesting to more than they are able to do.
  • The library has public access computers as well as laptops and iPads which may be checked out by adult cardholders.
  • Wireless internet is available for personal laptops or devices.
  • The Library will meet institutional requirements whenever possible within the following limits:
    • We cannot provide private in-room supervision. Proctors remain at the Reference Desk with line of sight to computers and public area tables used by test takers.
    • Study carrels are available on a first come basis but are not in line of sight for proctors.
    • Library staff cannot install specialized software for proctoring.  Some computer settings may be modified to accommodate online exams.
    • Computers cannot be reserved in advance. Student owned computers cannot be hard wired to the library network.
    • The Library is not responsible for completed exams after they are returned to the institution.

Student Responsibilities

  • Verify that the testing institution accepts these guidelines and the Institutional Responsibilities below.
  • Schedule the exam 48 hours in advance. Call to cancel if unable to keep the appointment.
  • Contact the library to assure the examination has been received before the scheduled time.
  • Bring a photo ID to your testing appointment. Bring a suitable envelope or mailing flat if the exam is to be mailed to the institution.
  • Be prepared to pay for photocopies, fax charges, or postage. Scanning to email is available at no charge. Black and white copies are .15 each and faxing is $1 per page.
  • In the event of unforeseen delays the student should notify the institution and reschedule the exam.

Institution Responsibilities

  • Be aware of and review these guidelines to assure they meet any institutional requirements.
  • Reference the name of the student in all communications, whether by print mail, email, or fax.
  • When sending exams by mail or email, include:
    • the name of the student
    • the name of the institution
    • instructions for the proctor
    • an expiration date after which untaken exams should be shredded or returned
  • Unless otherwise requested, the library will shred exams 90 days after receipt.


Don’t forget your reference librarian when you need an information resource! We’re here to do more than point you in the direction of a Dewey Decimal number. Our trained reference librarians are ready and willing to assist you in your research, whether you need help narrowing your search, locating online resources, finding resources outside of the library’s collection, or looking up an article on microfilm. Visit the library and stop by the reference desk, call us at 479-750-8180, or submit our online form, or chat with us on our website to ask a question anytime and anywhere there’s a connection!

Reference Collections

General Reference

The General Reference collection contains print works selected for their ability to locate common statistics and information quickly. The collection includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks on a variety of topics. Items in the General Reference collection do not circulate and must be used at the library. The General Reference collection  is located in the low shelves adjacent to the Reference Desk.

Local History

The Local History collection contains resources on the history of the city of Springdale as well as Washington and Benton Counties. Resources include yearbooks, phone directories, compiled statistics, and the Springdale Morning News on microfilm. Items in the Local History collection do not circulate and must be used in the library.

Nonfiction Collection

The library holds nonfiction works to meet your research needs on a wide variety of subjects. If you need help finding information on a particular topic, just ask! Most nonfiction items circulate including career and test prep guides, biographies, journal and magazine back issues.

Online Research Databases

Reference librarians are on hand to help you with the library’s many online databases. Our databases are subscription services that provide a deeper informational search than the internet alone. These services are free to library card holders. Students needing primary sources for their papers or History Day projects can get help from a Reference Librarian to find required resources in our databases.

Computers & Wifi

The Library offers a wide array of computer options for public use. Desktop computers, laptops, and Chromebooks are available for use while in the library. E-readers preloaded with a selection of ebooks can be checked out for home use. Feel free to contact the Reference Desk at 479-750-8180 with questions about the information technology available at the library.


The Library offers Internet-enabled computers for adults, teens, and children. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act, Internet access is filtered, though adults may request an unfiltered session for research purposes, provided they use a computer in an area designated for adults.

Viewing obscene material online is prohibited, according to the Library’s Computer Use Policy.

A Springdale Public Library card or guest pass is required to use Internet stations. Guest passes may be obtained at the Reference Desk with a photo ID.

Early Literacy Stations

The Children’s Department offers four early literacy computer stations and four after-school literacy stations. These computers are not connected to the Internet and are loaded with age-appropriate games and activities that promote learning and exploration.

Printing and Scanning

All Internet-enabled computers are connected to printers. Black and white prints are $0.15 per page, and $0.50 for color. There is no charge for scanning to email or to a flash drive. Printing from personal devices is also available. Click here for more information.

Laptops, Chromebooks, Headphones

The Library offers several laptops for adults, Chromebooks for teens, and headphones for all ages. Equipment is available for in-library checkout only. Laptops and Chromebooks are available at the check out desk (a card in good standing is required), and headphones are available at the Reference Desk.


The Library provides an open wireless network. The network name is Springdale Public Library, and there is no password required. Please be aware of the inherent risks of public wireless networks.